Sakhon Nakhon Wax Castle Procession & Royal Trophy Long-Boat Races

To mark the end of Buddhist Lent or 'Ok Pansa', communities in Northeastern Thailand or 'I-San' stage an annual celebration consisting of a grand procession of meticulously-carved wax castles, long-boat races and festive celebrations. On the final day of the festival, which falls on the end of the Buddhist Lent, local residents make a trip to the temples to make merit.

This ancient folk tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Over the centuries, the tradition has evolved. Originally, ornate wax trees carved out of poles of beeswax were presented to temples along with other merit-making ritual offerings. Contemporary offerings consist of elaborate designs and sophisticated shapes and forms. Beeswax is molded into miniature Buddhist temples and shrines or wax castles.